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Victory University of Florida 

Victory University of Florida as developed by the Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund is a nonprofit charitable education organization to serve American Military Service Veterans and their families worldwide to offer Aging Veterans 65 and over tuition free education as well as low tuition for all  veterans and their families.  The university is open to the public at large but with special considerations first for aging veterans and veterans of any age.  Organized as a state approved university in Florida, the University will seek approved international accreditation through ASIC UK, a United Kingdom Council approved international accrediting agency that is also a CHEA Quality Standards Board Member.  International accreditation offers Victory students with the opportunity for dual degrees with other ASIC UK accredited universities.
Within two years after state approval by submission to a US Department of Education approved private accrediting agency, Victory University students will have access to US Government approved Student Loans for all Victory University applicants who seek government assistance for student aid.  All Victory students will also have grant opportunity as well as individual academic scholarship award oportunities offered to deserving Veterans under age 65.
Degree Programs
All Victory University degree programs were developed to offer the opportunity for seasoned Veteran professionals with years of professional experience whether in the military or in the civilian arena to seek and acquire competency based Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Degrees.  The University also offers Veterans without such extensive professional experience the added opportunity to earn individual degrees through the University's multiple traditional based degree opportunities.  All veterans regardless of age and their faimilies also have the opportunity to earn certificates and diplomas in specialized training areas including Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Computer Science, Virtual Reality, 3D Animation, Special Effects and Composing and Editing as well as access to over 4500 other traditional university and specialized training programs for minimal cost or free.
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