Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund's

History and Development 


October 15, 2006 - Initiation                                    

The Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund was established in Independence, OH as a 501c3 charitable organization in the fall of 2006.  Offering information for veterans and care relief to Ohio veterans, the Fund remained in Ohio until  it was moved to Tallahassee Florida, the leading state for aging veterans followed by Texas and California, in order to share its mandate and ambitious mission to aid and support aging veterans nationwide.
March 17, 2017 - Growing                                               
Dr. Fred DiUlus, a higher education pioneer and veterans advocate, is Chair of the Board of Trustees.  He assumed the role of the Cheif Executive Officer on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2017 in order to guide and develop the national mandate of the Fund to new heights.  Reinstatement of the Fund's exempt status after being idle for the past three years while it was being recognized and board members solicited to represent the veterans from a broad and diverse background to assure the responsible and dedicated drive to fulfill the mission for decades to come.  In addition, Dr. DiUlus has assembled a sterling national Board of Trustees, all of whom are dedicated to the further and complete success of the Fund in carrying out its Mission.
The fund accepts charitable donations and is seeking to assure US citizens and others generating taxable income in the USA have a tax deduction option provided by the Fund.
October 1, 2017 - Expansion
In addition to providing Aging Veterans assistance as a bridge to the Veterans Administration, the Fund's expanded education outreach expands to offer formal education opportunities to all veterans and their families regardless of age.  Aging Vets provides full tuition scholarships to aging veterans age 65 and older to complete or enhance their own education and skills training if they desire.
To accomlish the improving Aging Veterans mandate and expand education opportunity developent, a new dedicated undergraduate and graduate university specially designed by Veterans for Veterans and their families - Victory Atlantic University is an accredited international university, is being contributed to the Veterans Care Relief Fund by Global Academy Online, the nation's premier university builder.
Victory Atlantic University (VAU) offers degree programs from Bachelors through Dotorate and specially designed training programs.  Open to the public, the University (VAU) is targeted towards the needs and demands and special requirements of all veterans and active duty military.  Competency based special degree tracks that consider extensive prior learning turn into accredited college credit.  Specialized 40 hour training programs in Etrepreneurship, Ethics and 3D Programing, Animation, and Special Effects are provided to suit the schedule, time availability and access for veterans and family members anywhere and at any time.
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